Wine Enthusiast Lake Michigan Wine Scene

Wine Enthusiast highlights Dune Bird!

Wine Enthusiast Lake Michigan Wine SceneWine Enthusiast has a great feature on enjoying the Lake Michigan wine scene that features Dune Bird Winery:

Towering sand dunes plunge steeply into the clear waters of Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, while in the distance sleek sailboats cut through the turquoise waves. Endless rows of cherry trees and bucolic farmland greet the eye as you drive from one charming small town to the next along winding country roads. Culinary standouts such as Traverse City’s Farm Club, The Cooks’ House and Modern Bird offer diners locally sourced, inventive cuisine paired with exciting wine lists. Paddle boarders, water skiers, windsurfers, kayakers, slushie surfers, wake boarders and other freshwater fans delight in the golden sandy beaches and lakes large and small. The glittering shores of Northern Michigan have long drawn Midwestern summer crowds eager to soak in all the area has to offer. Add to the list of attractions increasingly acclaimed wines produced in the Great Lakes region.

…Taking to the skies in a floatplane offers a new perspective on the area’s immense beauty and a bird-eye view of the seasonal changes. You may see the snow receding to reveal spring’s greenery, or careen over shores alight with the fiery rich colors of autumn. Lake Leelanau’s colors shift from Caribbean blue in the shallows to deep cerulean. Once back on land, White will commemorate a flight with a bottle of one of Dune Bird’s aviation themed reds: AV8, a rich, dry red that marries Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah varietals and Woolsey’s Red, a robust blend of Blaufränkisch and Merlot.

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