Dune Bird Wine Pour Record Eagle

Wine & coffee bringing people together at Dune Bird

Dune Bird Wine Pour Record EagleIn Leelanau couple pairs wine, coffee at Dune Bird from the Traverse City Record-Eagle,  Stephanie Shomin writes:

“It’s cool to be able to build off a place that has a lot of memories,” Nicole said. “We decided to revive the original intent. We wanted to create an experience that includes both the wine drinker and the non-wine drinker.”

There are several wines available in the tasting room, including three red blends and four whites. A rose will be added to the summer menu.

“We focus on showcasing cool-climate wines,” Nicole said. “These will evolve as we grow.”

The most popular, she said, is the Pure Leland. This sparkling wine is made with pinot gris grapes and lime and grapefruit flavors.

People can sip while they snack on food items like artichoke dip and pita or a charcuterie board.

Nicole said they do not offer full meals, but rather a few “tapas-style hot plates.”

The White’s two kids helped create dishes like the pigs in a blanket and the macaroni and cheese balls, which are filled with fontina cheese and served on top of marinara sauce.

“They’re designed to fill people up enough to where they can stay,” Nicole said. “We want people to come and linger. We’re passionate about bringing people together in one space.”

Dune Bird Winery also includes a coffee bar for guests like Bo who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. Bo said this model may not be the norm, but it is going well so far.

“We’re starting something new in the community we know,” he said. “Wine and coffee are a great way to bring people together.”

Lots more in the Record-Eagle including more photos by Jan Michael Stump.

photo: Jenny Scamacca pours tastes of wine for visitors at Dune Bird Winery in Northport by Jan Michael Stump/Traverse City Record-Eagle