The Dune Bird Winery Experience: more than wine

photo courtesy Fox 32

Fox 32 shared a video visit to Dune Bird Winery that explores the options we offer beyond wine tasting:

Along with wine, Dune Bird winery also has an upscale espresso bar.

“We really wanted to elevate the nonalcoholic. We really wanted to make a place for families to come and people who weren’t necessarily in search of a glass of wine, but the atmosphere that a winery provides,” said Nicole White, Dune Bird Winery Co-Owner.

The owners, Nicole and Beau White, have two young kids of their own and wanted the family to be at the heart of Dune Bird.

“We wanted to create a space where kids feel welcome, where they want to come. But it’s not just okay; mom and dad are going out on a date, or mom and a bunch of her friends, and I don’t have a babysitter, so I have to tag along, but that they have a place that they can recognize and remember the fun things that are there,” said White.

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