Michigan Blue Dune Bird Winery

Michigan BLUE enjoys the Dune Bird’s sweet blend

Michigan Blue Dune Bird WineryLisa Baird has a great feature about Dune Bird with plenty of photos in the Summer edition of Michigan BLUE. Read the whole story which says in part:

Sprawling over 25 acres (with a 4-acre vineyard) between Leland and Northport along M-22 lies the picturesque property of Dune Bird Winery. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans mingled with the earthiness of fine wine greets visitors at the door.

…The couple purchased Gill’s Pier Ranch, which raised alpacas and yaks, from a friend in the spring of 2021. The property was developed as the former Gill’s Pier Winery about 20 years ago.

“Seeing as we put all of our eggs into the grape basket, it was most essential to make the tasting room as comfortable as possible,” Nicole says. They sold their Maple City home and invested everything they had in the vineyard. The couple and their two children, Finley and Forrest, lived in an RV on the property for 18 months, while renovating the property’s old structures and figuring out how to open a tasting room. The Dune Bird tasting room became their family room.

An inviting gathering space was their priority from early on, as they worked to elevate the wine-tasting experience for the community. “We wanted to draw people in and get face-to-face, especially after Covid,” Nicole explains.

Sam Ellis, a local wine expert from Tandem Ciders, says “the atmosphere and staff offer a warm, inviting space which lends itself well to their rich red wines.”

The ambience is that of walking into the White’s living room; it’s comfortable and cozy with flickering fireplaces, lounge furniture, and live music.

Lots more in the story which starts on page 90.